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The Dynamic Web Client for Java

The DWCJ provides a robust and flexible framework that can help you deliver a modern and engaging web user interface with ease. In Java.

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Build your modern web applications with the DWCJ.

The DWCJ turns creating your enterprise application into a streamlined and efficient task with its comprehensive set of components, features and functionalities. The DWCJ follows an "all-in-one" process, with UI and backend development all taking place within Java. With the DWCJ, you have access to a comprehensive set of components, features, and tools necessary for building a robust, secure, and user-friendly application.


A truly dynamic tool for optimized development and performance.

The DWCJ framework provides a simple pipeline which makes your application easy to build and easy to deploy. Additionally, it dynamically downloads individual messages, or chunks of Javascript on-demand as the application, as is necessary for use in the application. This results in measurable improvements to the initial load time, resulting in an optimal user experience.


Figma design kit for streamlined design and implementation.

Before implementation of your application even begins, the DWCJ's extensive array of components can be easily used within Figma to help designers make sure the perfect tools is created.

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A history of performance and reliability.

Our team in the United States and Europe have been building tools and technologies to help our clients fulfil their needs for over 35 years. We have consistently produced reliable and innovative technologies to ensure our clients have every tool in their kit needed to tackle modern, ever-changing needs.

The DWCJ helps existing customers ensure they have the most cutting edge features available, and provides a competitive solution for new customers.