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Java API


The text area component can be easily labeled without the needing to create an extra label component using the setAttribute() method and passing the desired label as a string, as shown below:

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It is also possible to set placeholder text within the component to better help users understand what type of input is expected. Similar to a label, this can be accomplished using the setAttribute() method:

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The text area can also be configured with spellchecking to help the user improve their input. Use the setAttribute() method to do this:

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DWCJ's text area comes with 5 expanses for quick styling without the use of CSS. Expanses are supported by use of a built-in enum class. Below are the various expanses supported for the text area component:

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Text Area Expanses
  • TextArea.Expanse.XSMALL
  • TextArea.Expanse.SMALL
  • TextArea.Expanse.MEDIUM
  • TextArea.Expanse.LARGE
  • TextArea.Expanse.XLARGE

Parts and CSS Properties